Meet the Haynie Family

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.” – Author Unknown  

About the Haynie’s

The Haynie family are more experienced than most when it comes to buying and selling homes. From the East Coast to the West, they’ve relocated several times over the years. Naturally, with relocations from state-to-state, they have had the opportunity to work with many Realtors.

They recently made the decision to relocate to Cincinnati, Amy’s childhood city, so their daughter could attend Amy’s high school alma mater. With their broad experience buying and selling they were not concerned with finding an agent, and opted to rely on Amy’s childhood friend’s recommendation.

Where do we start?

A few things the Haynie’s were confident about.

1 – They were moving to Cincinnati.

2 – A referral from a trusted friend is a great place to start when looking for a Realtor. When her childhood friend, Christy, referred her to Ron and Anna, she knew from the first conversation it ‘was a go.’

3 – They wanted a walkable neighborhood that was more urban than suburban. Northside checks this box.

4 – Time was of the essence. They needed to sell their existing home in Florida, to move forward with purchasing in Cincinnati. In a challenging buyers’ market, this can be daunting to make happen.

We're super picky. I know we're super picky. We bought and lived and moved so many times that I know I'll know when I see it.

- Amy

The 30 for 30 episode that never aired.

Anyone who has entered the Real Estate market within the U.S. since early 2020 can tell you that it’s been a sellers market. For some, trying to buy a home has been more grueling than training for an Ironman Triathlon. Not only are you trying to find the right house, but you also need to get your offer accepted, often times when competing with multiple offers.  In the case of the Haynie family, with relocating to a new city, this can present even greater challenges.

Anna scheduled showings with their mutual friend, Christy and FaceTimed with Amy. Although Amy had a good experience, many homes were often under contract within days. While the houses they walked through sold quickly, it provided a unique opportunity for Anna to really hear and see what the Haynie’s were truly looking for in their Cincinnati home. Amy knew she was going to need to visit Cincy soon.

One of their key priorities was a community with walkability to restaurants and social activities. Again, the challenge was lack of inventory. Amy and Charles decided to make a weekend visit to Cincinnati to see homes and hopefully find “The House.” They presented Anna with a list of 20 homes to view over 2 days. Scheduling alone can be a challenge when viewing so many homes, but Anna had other appointments that weekend as well. The beauty of teamwork shined bright. Anna tagged in Melissa who met the Haynies to show additional homes on Saturday.

The following morning,  armed with a list of 10 homes, including some new listings that showed up while they were in town, they found the perfect house. Within 5 hours of seeing “The House” in Northside, they were under contract and ready to fly home and share the news with their family.

It was challenging. The pressure of visiting in one weekend and knowing they had to find a home in just two days was overwhelming, but, they, Anna and Melissa made it easy. It was challenging because we had so much to do in one weekend and it was hard to work that out - so many houses, so little time.

- Amy

Trust & Teamwork

Contracts signed, Charles and Amy returned to Florida, leaving the paperwork and follow through in Anna and Melissa’s capable hands. Given the historic nature of the home (built in 1875), Anna and the team were able to guide them through the home inspection and the inspector also sent photos. They were confident relying on Anna to ensure their best interests.

Their lender was someone they knew and had worked with Anna as well, so the loan process went smoothly. Anna helped coordinate a remote closing in Florida, avoiding the need to travel to Cincinnati for the closing.

Making a house a home

The Haynie’s are settling into their home and community nicely. It’s one thing to find the right house in the right location, but making it YOUR home is entirely another. Since moving in, they’ve been adding creative and custom touches throughout their home. With an exquisite eye for taste, the updates are transformational. We thought you might enjoy some of the before and after images of updates they’ve made.

Ready to make a move?

We’re ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.