Client Success Stories

Our exceptional service is evident in the multitude of repeat clients and referrals from satisfied buyers and sellers. We are dedicated to our community through providing our neighbors and friends with a wealth of experience, deep industry knowledge, and highly responsive communication that sets us apart in Cincinnati’s real estate market and beyond.

We love our house. We ended up in the place we were supposed to be.

You never felt like you were just one of her clients. You were her number one focus. When we were in the thick of it, we sometimes talked 6 times a day. You can't just get that anywhere.

I would say they’re the hardest working people I know. They do not sleep. They work hard. They play hard. They’re fun. They get the job done.

Anna was always very prepared. I gave her the parameters of what I was looking for and she knew enough about me and my family to determine the best house at the time without me knowing what I wanted.

I was afraid I would never find what I was looking for before it was gone.

It was challenging. The pressure of visiting in one weekend and knowing they had to find a home in just two days was overwhelming, but, they, Anna and Melissa made it easy. It was challenging because we had so much to do in one weekend and it was hard to work that out– so many houses, so little time.

After 6 months and all that work and all the emotion for it to be that easy, it was a relief.

I've got the perfect people for you.

I loved how responsive and honest they were.

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